La Casona Restaurant
5709 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603
12:00 PM - 08:15 PM
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A1 Pan Con Ajo
Garlic bread
A2. Alcapurias
Carne / Beef Cangrejo / Crab
A3 Empanadillas
Carne / Beef Cangrejo / Crab
A4. La Canoa Criolla
Sweet Ripe Plantain Filled with Savory Beef and Toppedwith Cheese
A5. Bolitas De Bacalao
Salted Dried Codfish Fritters
A6. Sorullos D Maiz
Cheese Corn Sticks
A7 Morcilla
Puertorican Blood Sausage
A8 Hojitas de Platanos
Golden fried Plaintain Chips
A9.Alitas Fritas / Fried Chicken Wings
A10. Pizza De Tostones Con Pollo / Chicken
A11. Tostones Rellenos De Camarones / Shrimp

with 4 pieces Tostones / Fried Green Plantains
E1 Ensalada Casona
House mixed green salad
E2. Ensalada De Avocado
Avocado Salad
E3 Ensalada De Pollo
Grilled Chicken Mixed Greens Salad
E4 Ensalada De Camarones
Caribbean Grilled Shrimp Mixed Green Salad
E5 Ensalada De Pulpo Y Carucho
Marinated octopus and conch salad served on mixed greens salad

The Big Soup called "Asopao". These hearty soups are one-pot meals combine with rice, seasoned with sofrito and olives. with 3 pieces Tostones / Fried Green Plantains
R6 Asopao De Polio
Chicken Soup
R6 Asopao De Camarones
Shrimp Soup
R7 Asopao De Marisco
Seafood Soup
Asopao De Langosta
Lobster Soup
R6 Asopao De Bacalao
R6 Asopao De Bistec

Mariscos son Servido con Amoz Blano y Habichuelas Rosadas / Seafood Entree served with white Rice and pink Beans
F1 Filete De Dorado
Mahi mahi filet
F2 Filete De Mero
Grouper filet
F3 Filete De Chillo Pargo
Red‎ snapper filet
F4 Dorado Con Camarones a La Casona En Salsa Crema
Mahi mahi and shrimp in a creamy wine sauce
F5 Camarones Frito O Parrilla
fried or grilled shrimp
F6 Camarones a La Criolla
Juicy shrimp sauteed in a fragrant creole sauce camarones frito o parrilla
F7 Cazuela Marinera
A mixed of atlantic seafood. Shrimp, scallops, fish, clams, mussels, lobster sautŁed in fragrant creole sauce
F8 Rabo De Langosta Enchilada
Lobster tail in a spanish peppery based creole sauce
F9. Pargo "ChilloŁ Entero Frito (Whole Fish)
Whole Red Snapper seasoned and marinated in our special seasoning and fried to perfection

Cames son SeTvido con Aoz Blanco y Habichuelas Rosadas / Meat Entree served with white ricie and pink beans. Premium Black Angus Beef Steaks. Our steaks are grilled and marinated in our house cilantro-garlic mojo steak sauce.
C1. Masitas Fritas
Morsels of seasoned pork/ fried to a crisp golden brown sauteed with onions and mojo sauce
C2. Chuleta Frita
Pork chops marinated, rubbed with latin seasonings and fried to perfection
C3. Chuleta Kan Kan
Big Long Pork Marinated, Fried with Salad and Onion
C4.1/2 Pollo Fricase
1/2 Chicken Cooke with Creole Sauce
C5. Pollo a La Parilla
Boneless chicken breast seasoned and marinated and grilled to perfection
C6. Pollo Salteado Al Ajillo
Garlic chicken/morsels of chicken sauteed in a lemon, butter garlic sauce with onions and fresh spices
C7. Pollo Relleno a La Casona
Chicken breast stuffed with ham, chorizo, and cheese sauteed in a smooth herb cream sauce
C8. Chicharrones De Pollo
Fried Crisp Seasoned Chicken Fried Crisp Seasoned Chicken Mojo Sauce

R1 Arroz Con Pollo
Classic rice and chicken casserole cooked with, chorizo, peas, and seasoned
R2 Arroz Con Calamares
Calamari rice casserole cooked with a blend of fresh herbs and spices
R3 Arroz Con Camarones
Rice & Shrimp Casserole Cooked with A Blend of Fresh Herbs and Spices
R4 Arroz Con Bistec
Classic Rice & Beef Cooked with Peas and Seasoned
R5 Paella for One
A lavish version of one of Valencia classic rice dishes brimming with a melange of meats and assorted shellfish.

All mofongo stuffing are sauteed in a fragrant creole sauce of tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, and white wine.
M1. Mofongo Relleno De Pollo
Mofongo stuffed with chicken
M1. Mofongo Relleno De Camarones
Mofongo stuffed with shrimp
M1. Mofongo Relleno De Bistec
Mofongo stuffed with steak Tenderloin
M1. Mofongo Relleno de Cangrejo
M3. Mofongo Relleno De Pescado Mero
Mofongo Stuffed with Grouper Fish
M2 Mofongo Relleno De Pulpo Y Carucho
Mofongo stuffed with conch and octopus salad
M5 Mofongo Relleno De Rabo Langosta
Mofongo stuffed with lobster tail
M4. Mofongo Relleno De Mariscada
Mofongo Stuffed with Mixed. Seafood. Fresh Fish. Shrimp, Mussels. Clams, Scallop & Lobster

Served with White Rice or Potato Fries
K1. Mac & Cheese
with French Fry
K2. Fried Baby Shrimp
K3. Chicken Tenders

Permium Black Angus Beef Steaks
B1. Filete De N.Y Strip Steak A La Parrilla
Grilled N.Y Strip Steak 8oz
B2.Filete De Rib Eye A La Parrilla
B3. Churrasco A La Parrilla Con Chimichuri Sauce
Grilled Argentinean - Style Beef Steak Grilled to Perfection with Chimichuri Steck Sauce
B4.Bistec De Palomilla Encebollado O Empanizado
Grilled Onions or Lightly Breaded

S1 Mofongo con Caldo
Mofongo Green plantains mashed with Garlic and spices served with Chicken Broth.
S2 Arroz Rice
Blanco o Guisado (Amarillo) white or Stewed (yelorw).
S3 Arroz Con Gandules
Pigeon Pea Rice
S4 Tostones
Golden-fried green plantains
S5.Tostones De Pana
Glden Fried Green Plantains Pana
S6 Platano Maduros Fritos
The essential fried sweet plantains, the perfect accompaniment to a latin meal
S7 Papitas Fritas
French fries
S8 Yuca Al Mojo O Frita
Chunks of Boiled Cassava Smothered In Garlic Sauce or Fried Cassava

Beer & House wine
Sangria de la Casa
House Sangria
Domestic Beer
Bud,Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Coors Light, Miller Light
Vino de La Casa House Wine Sycamore Lane Wines Only
Rojo / Merlot, Cabernet Blanco/ Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel
Imported Beer
Medalla Light, Presidente, Heineken, Corona, Corona Light, Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo.

Bebidas/ Beverages
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Orange, Sierra Mist, fruit Punch, Mountain Dew, Lemonade.
Latin Sodas
Cola Champagne, Coco Rico, Jupina, Marterva.
Bottled Water
Malta India $3.25
Jugos Tropicales / Tropical Juices
8 oz (No Refills)
Cafe Con Leche
Hot Tea

D1 Flan de Vainilla, Queso, o Coco
Spanish Custard Vanilla, Cheese, or Coconut
D2 Tembleque
Coconut Pudding
D3 Pudding de Pan
Bread Pudding
D4 Flan Cocho
Vanilla Custard and Cake
D5 Tres Leche
Sponge cake soaked in three milks served with whipped cream
Tarta de Queso con Guayaba
Guava Cheese Cake

* Consuming raw or undercook Meat, Fish, Poultry,Seafood or Shellfish increases the risk of contracting a food borne illness especially if you have certain medical condition.

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